So-Called “Cancel Culture” is incorrectly named — it is “Consequense Culture”

Although Nomos (the God of Law) is concerned with societal norms, he is NOT against people having to face consequences when their oppressive acts or attitudes start being brought forward by people who are no longer allowing themselves to be silenced. It is no accident that Nomos is the father of Dike (the Goddess of Justice) even if he is not the father of Themis (Divine Law).

Women are speaking out. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals are speaking out, LGBTQ+ individuals are speaking out, disabled people of all types are speaking out, Neurodivergent people are speaking out. And what all of these people are speaking out against is social norms that exclude them EVEN WITHIN OTHERWISE MARGINALIZED GROUPS.

What members of relatively privileged groups are calling “Cancel Culture” when they are no longer allowed by marginalized groups to control the conversation is part of the process by which Dike works to bring society closer to a just one. It is people being made to face consequences for attitudes and actions that have HARMED marginalized groups like systemic sexism, systemic racism, xenophobia, systemic ableism, systemic dominance of monotheistic religions over other religious views, and systemic biases against people who do not fit the cisgender heterosexual role.

Although much of it is described as “virtue signaling” when it is not, honesty compels me to say that yes, some of it is. However, the message that attitudes which oppress others are against both Nomos and Dike is a GOOD message. And things like the are not just due, but past due. AND when we are relatively privileged in a situation, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to leverage that to act as an ALLY TO the marginalized in the situation.

I refuse to fall victim to the Tolerance Paradox by tolerating bigotry.


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