A few words on Law — including some on the need for JUST Laws.

Upon the holy lord of men and gods I call
heavenly Nomos, who arranges the stars and sets a fair limit
between the earth and the waters of the sea;
it is his laws that ever preserve nature’s balance, obedient and steady.
Journeying on the heavens, he brings the laws from above,
with a roar he drives out malicious envy.
Nomos summons a good end to mortal life,
he alone steers the course of everything that breathes,
ever the steadfast companion of righteous thought.
Primeval and wise, in peace he shares the same house with all who abide by the law
bringing harsh vengeance upon the lawless.
O blessed bringer of prosperity, beloved of all and honored, 
with kindness of heart send forth memory of you, O mighty one.

This is the Athanassakis translation of the Orphic Hymn honoring Nomos (Law). It reminds us that we need to remember and recognize the importance of both Divine and human laws. However, we also need to remember that although Divine law is always just, HUMAN laws are often not.

We need to work to drive out the malicious envy from our life and work to preserve BALANCE in our lives and our laws. We need to work to change the laws that we perceive as unjust BECAUSE they do not conform with NOMOS. However, this does not mean that “religious” laws need to become secular ones. What it means is that “nature’s balance” is what needs to be preserved — and if that means either INCREASING or DECREASING the role of our secular government then so be it.

The balance of nature is one where there is a balance of power and responsibility between the genders. It is one where there is a balance between the needs of the people and the responsibility that the people have towards society.

This is something that I feel VERY passionate about….. And it shows.

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