Simple daily offerings still work — even if formal rituals are impossible

When you are both poor and live in an apartment it is often difficult to formally engage ir rituals for the holidays of my Polytheistic tradition — especially since the Hellenic Polytheistic festival calendar doesn’t correspond to the Wheel of the Year which many other Pagans follow. When you live in an apartment, finding a private space for formal rituals which may require fires and green space for libations is almost impossible to find.

However, simple things — like having a household shrine and offering a daily cup of coffee to the Theoi — are often very effective in maintaining a reciprocal relationship between the Divine and mortal worlds. Other things, like writing prayers to the Theoi or essays to post on places like this blog (not that I’ve been doing a lot of writing here because of being in college) also can be valuable well.

There is also the matter of time which people — who may have to work two or even three jobs to pay the rent and feed their family — may not have. That is why a simple daily offering of incense may be all someone has time for.

Are these simple things less valuable than larger rituals? In Classical times, most rites were small household rites. For those of us who live in small communities — or even have only their own household to worship with — small daily household rites instead of larger public rituals (such as Pagan Pride events or “Witches’ Balls”) are the way we connect with our Theoi. This is one of the most valuable things we can do — because it can refresh our spirits and focus our minds.


2 thoughts on “Simple daily offerings still work — even if formal rituals are impossible

  1. 100% agree! I used to lapse into doing nothing at all, because my offerings were not “big enough” or “good enough” I feel much more connected with small daily offerings. Thank you for writing about this – I enjoy your blogs!


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