“With Liberty and Justice for All”

These words are the final words of the Pledge of Allegiance in the United States — and are aspirational instead of a statement of something that exists in the real world. Within the last decade, we have had our nation’s first black President, our first television “reality” show president, a pandemic that hit the world with multiple millions of dead people — which in the United States hit marginalized groups the hardest, and we saw the death of George Floyd (a black man), cause worldwide protests against systemic racism.

Remember, these words are ASPIRATIONAL. In many ways we are not yet even close to achieving those words. As people, we are beginning to work towards them being more of a reality. This is something which the Gods and Goddesses are inspiring people to work on — especially Themis (Goddess of Order), Nomos (God of Law), and Dike (Goddess of Justice).

So, how do we work towards Liberty and Justice for All? We support just laws that do not treat the rich better than the poor, do not treat whites and blacks differently, treat women in the same way under the law as men, protect the disenfranchised, and support equity in housing, medical treatment, and how police do their jobs in a way that truly serves and protects ALL people instead of just a privileged few. We speak out when we see injustice or prejudice happening. We document when authorities abuse their power so that the abuse can be confronted. We DEMAND change.

And we pray for the strength to continue the work.


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