What is Prayer? And can a protest be a mass prayer without most of the people there knowing it?

It has been said by those who work “Magic(k)” that there are four forms of it — Invocation, Evocation, Meditation, and Prayer. And, in some ways, I can agree in my role as Dedicant Priestess of the Daughters of Khronos because they sound very much like forms of religious praxis.

Both days, Saturday and Sunday, this weekend I attended the #GeorgeFloyd protests in my city. And on both days, people were commenting on how “powerful” the peaceful daytime protests were. I am forced to agree with the assessments. I felt the energy in a way that I find hard to describe except for it being SIMILAR in feel to the energy I have felt when one of the Theoi has decided — as They have occasionally done — to work through me as I do a Tarot card reading for someone.

Today, I brought my cane with me and during some of the chanting of things like “Black Lives Matter” I was tapping the butt of the cane against the ground in time with the chant in order to focus my will into GATHERING all of the intentions from the people around me, winding them into a single cord and then add that beautiful, shimmering cord to the cords Lachesis uses to weave the Tapestry of Fate along with her sisters Clothos and Atropos. I consider what I did to be a directed prayer that Nomos and Dike intervene on behalf of the community and that Tyche and Hekate work together to bring about strong, lasting, beneficial change for the community involved — while Nemesis brings the downfall of those who would cause harm and those who abet them.

The people around me would likely have been understanding of it being a way of focussing the energy and tapping into it for the purposes of prayer, even if they would potentially have decried the Theoi that I was praying TO because many Black people worship the Christian God. Does Who I was praying to matter if I was praying for Justice though — and focusing the energy of those around me into the prayer? I think not — because of INTENT. I do not intend for it to be a harmful change, although I acknowledge that it might be a painful one as social norms are readjusted.


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