#GeorgeFloyd and the hazards of protesting during a pandemic

I have been quiet with much of my writing because of having to deal with the implications of living with the Covid-19 coronavirus, my college classes going from in-person to online, and my daughter’s school also going online. In the process, I still maintained my daily devotions to the Theoi.

However, when the United States celebrated the National Holy-Day of Memorial Day, there was a tragic occurrence in Minneapolis where a man named George Floyd was killed by a police officer. The circumstances of his killing were caught on video — and the video went viral very quickly due to the details of the way the officer killed Mr. Floyd. The officer knelt on Mr. Floyd’s neck even after #GeorgeFloyd was unresponsive — and very possibly dead, but there were MULTIPLE OTHER OFFICERS that could have removed his knee from Mr. Floyd’s neck.

There has been outrage felt by many people — myself included. I am calling on Hekate, Nomos, and Dike to support those demonstrating for JUSTICE for those killed in an extra-judicial manner by police officers. I am calling upon Nemesis to bring what the officers deserve upon their heads. I am not just calling for the one who knelt to be found guilty at trial for the blood of the man he killed, but also for the ones who COULD HAVE PREVENTED IT to be found equally culpable.

There is more than one kind of malady our country is facing. One of them is a viral disease. the other one of them is a disease of the psyche. The disease of the psyche, racism — especially systemic racism — is the more deadly, pernicious and dangerous


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