“Operation Themis” is NOT in the service of Justice (Dike) — and not even in the service of Nomos (Custom)

On Tuesday June 2, 2020 officials in the United States capitol began to push back on aggressive response to protests https://www.startribune.com/barr-law-enforcement-must-dominate-streets-amid-protests/570945192/ which was called in a monumental act of hubris “Operation Themis”. To name this operation after the Titan Goddess of Divine Law, when it is being done deliberately to quell what are considered to be some of the most SACRED RIGHTS of United States citizens — as found in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” is to BLASPHEME (and yes, I use that term with full awareness of its implications) against that August and Terrible Goddess that even Zeus Himself does not dare to offend against.

To say that the men and women who named the operation do not believe in the Hellenic Theoi is NOT an excuse for this transgression — for they DO believe in Divine Law.

It is for this reason that I call upon Themis, Dike, and Nomos to unleash the Erinyes upon the Leaders of this Administration.

May they never know rest until they acknowledge the harms they have done to the people of this land with their actions.

May they never know peace until they admit that they have offended against Justice.

May their Children turn against them in their hour of need and their children’s children refuse to aid them should they not turn away from their destructive path.

May the Erinyes not become the Kindly Ones towards them until they have made Amends TENFOLD towards those they have harmed


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