Mother’s Day — A modern festival of Leto AND other "Mother" Goddesses.

Pindar, Processional Song on Delos (trans. Sandys) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) :“Hail. O heaven-built isle [of Delos], most lovely scion of the children of bright-haired Leto, O daughter of the sea, thou unmoved marvel of the spacious earth, by mortal men called Delos, but by the blessed gods of Olympos known as the far-seen star (astra) of the dark-blue earth . . . For aforetime, that isle was tossed on the waves by all manner of whirling winds; but, when Leto, the daughter of Koios, in the frenzy of her imminent pangs of travail, set foot on her, then it was that four lofty pillars rose from the roots of earth, and on their capitals held up the rock with their adamantine bases. There it was that she gave birth to, and beheld, her blessed offspring.

Leto is an under-appreciated Goddess, but She is one that we should not ignore. She is the model of what a mother can be in that she would do anything needed for the sake of her children. And on this day that is set aside in various countries for honoring mothers and motherhood, I find it appropriate that we honor Leto — and other “mother” goddesses like Gaia, Rhea, Hera and Demeter. 

Why? The answer is simple. We need to remember both the male and female Theoi and this is one way to honor the Goddesses….

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