Busy week with Apollo and Artemis

This week encompasses both modern and ancient festivals honoring Apollo, Artemis, and their mother Leto. To start with, there is the ancient Thargelia festival and then the American festival of Mother’s Day which I celebrate as a modern festival of Leto, who suffered labor until she found a place to give birth.

To Leto (Orphic Hymn #35)

Dark-veiled Leto, revered goddess, mother of twins
great-souled daughter of Koios, queen to whom many pray,
to your lot fell the birth pains for Zeus’ fair children
you bore Phoibos and arrow-pouring Artemis,
her on Ortygia, him on rocky Delos
Hear, lady goddess, come with favor in your heart
to bring a sweet end to this all-holy rite.
There are many things that I plan for this week, starting with trying to purify my life with the first day of Thargelia to celebrating the life of my daughter on Mother’s Day.
We need to find our ways to celebrate, but these make for a start…..

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