The US Supreme Court decision concerns me.

I was hearing about and reading about the US Supreme Court’s decision yesterday. It concerns me on a number of levels, not the least of which is that I am a member of a minority religion. As Literata Hurley says in her blog post we as Pagans (Wiccans included) will likely end up being tokens of tolerance in the vein of ‘But I’m not prejudiced, I have a Pagan/Wiccan friend’ instead of having actual respect as members of a minority religion.

However, many people who are members don’t see how this “tolerance” actually is a bad thing. It institutionalizes the perception that there is something “other” about members of minority religions and perpetuates a religious privilege that our founding fathers did NOT want to exist. If they had, the First Amendment to the US Constitution would not exist.

For those who think that I am over-reacting, I ask them how they feel when people ASSUME that they are a member of the majority religion — simply because it IS the majority. How do YOU feel when people are surprised that you DON’T attend a Christian church or celebrate Easter and Christmas as religious holidays?

This ruling enshrines sectarian prayer. The solution to the problem is simple — don’t have ANY prayer before the meeting. That way NO religion is singled out as being the “right” one.

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