Musings on Kronos (UPG)

Over the past month I have been thinking a lot about Kronos. Specifically, I have been thinking about how he might relate to mystical experiences. Many mystical experiences start with being “reborn” in some way, and that got me to thinking about the stories surrounding Kronos and Rhea.

The one that seems to “fit” for me was about Kronos swallowing his children (except for Zeus) at birth. As they are Undying, they matured within their father, taking part in his rulership of the Cosmos and laying the groundwork for their eventual reigns.

This is especially true in his daughters who govern mortal endeavors. Hera, as Queen beside Zeus, reigns over marriage and much of the political organization of humanity. Demetra reigns over crops and the means humanity has made to gather the materials of civilization. And first of all, Hestia governs the basic building block of mortal life, the home, family ties, and the ACTUAL political bodies of mankind.

However, where did they LEARN how to govern these things? I feel it was from their father as they incubated within him prior to their being “reborn” through the actions of Rhea and Zeus. In this way, it could almost be said that they experienced a divine version of the Greater Mysteries, one which was palely reflected in the Mysteries that were granted to humanity — such as the Greater and Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries.

I’m not sure how this will progress, but I have a feeling that the Daughters of Kronos are not finished with me on this.

3 thoughts on “Musings on Kronos (UPG)

  1. I just wanted to note that it’s “Kronos” with a kappa (Κρόνος), not “Khronos” with a chi, which means “time” (χρόνος).


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