When the Theoi “lean” on you about a project or two — you had better start work on it

For a while now, I have been procrastinating on a book and a booklet/chapbook about (respectively) the Delphic Maxims and a Hestia devotional. Yesterday, while coming home from our celebration of my daughter’s birthday, the Theoi reminded me that I needed to work harder on these projects so that I would be able to have them ready for her to read when she is able to.

When I started the blogged trip through the Delphic Maxims with the following entry #1 — Follow God (Επου θεω), my daughter was two years old and now she has just turned seven. I also have the month’s worth of posts beginning last August with this entry A Month of Devotional thought — Hestia: Day 1 that need to be put into a booklet or chapbook format so that people can have a physical copy to refer to should they want to follow my thought process in their own devotions to the Lady of the Hearth.

Yes, I should have been working on these projects a lot more in the past. And that is why I was reminded of my commitment to them. If you make a commitment do do something in honor of the Theoi, you need to follow through EVEN if you had not sworn an oath to do it. I didn’t make an oath to finish these projects, but because I had determined in the past to do them I was reminded TO do them.

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