A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 27

Today I’m writing on how my relationship with Hestia has changed over time. In a nutshell, it deepened. But once you crack that nut open, it is an interesting story. When I first felt a pull towards worshiping the Hellenic Theoi, I was not even in my teens; and it was Athena who first made herself known to me. It was later that I became a worshiper of the Theoi, with a brief detour through Wicca first.

At first, while I was aware of Hestia as part of the pantheon, she didn’t pull me as strongly as she does now. Hera wanted to make me aware that she was far more than the jealous wife of myth and rather a guardian of honesty within relationships. All the while the relationship with Hestia was growing in the background. It wasn’t until about ten years into my walk with the Theoi that Hestia really started showing me how she was more important than many people thought because of her role within the family of the Theoi.

When I began to really work on deepening my connection with Hestia, I found myself deepening my connection to all of the Theoi through Her, but especially with her sisters. In early summer 2015, I underwent an ordeal to become what I consider to be a “novice” priestess of all three of the Daughters of Chronos and Rhea. The effects of that are still ongoing, but I have come to feel Hestia in all aspects of my life, and her sisters in the parts of my life that they pay special attention to.

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