Thoughts on sacrifice

Recently there have been a number of blog posts on the subject of animal sacrifice. Predictably, some are in favor of the practice and others against.

My thought is that if sacrifice of any kind is not practiced with reverence to the Gods/Land Spirits then it is not true sacrifice. If it does not not touch your spirit in some way then it is not a valid sacrifice.

People consider animal sacrifice to be a “barbaric” practice, yet ignore the commodification of animals on factory farms so they don’t have to decry where their meat comes from. This means that they in effect are refusing to allow their spirits to be touched by the animal sacrifice.

People who offer animals in a traditional and respectful fashion are allowing their spirits to be touched — just as people who only offer incense and coffee but do that with their whole beings.

Neither sacrifice is “superior” to the other — as long as they are done with the proper mindfulness. And, as long as they are done in that way as the Gods inspire the giver, they are part of the praxis that we should be working to build in our daily lives.

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