A Month of Devotional Thought — Haides, Day 10

This is a more difficult one for me than in previous days. The reason for this is that I will be discussing what are appropriate offerings for Haides. In ancient times, Haides would likely have been offered the same type of animals that the other Theoi would have been. The exception to this would have been in the color of the sacrifice. Where the Ouranic Theoi — such as Zeus and Hera — were generally offered unblemished white animals, Haides and the other Chthonic deities were generally offered unblemished black animals.

The animals that were documented in the ancient writers as being offered were cattle and sheep of both sexes. The wood that seems to have been traditional was white poplar. In the modern era, I have seen white poplar incense so that would still be traditional. In many modern cultures there is also an offering of liquor to the lords of the Underworld. I would consider this to be a suitable offering as well. I would also consider certain fruits to be appropriate offerings. Strawberries grow along the ground and other low vining fruits would also work. One fruit that would have been appropriate for him, but NOT Persephone would be the pomegranate.

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