Planning for the future

There will likely be a move in my very near future. One way or another, we will be finding another place for my family. That being said, it is time to start envisioning how I would like the various shrines/alters in my new home to be.

Mira is still too young to have one in her room but there will be a small one in ours. There will also be one in the living room and — of course — the Hestia candle in the kitchen.

There will be some Hellenic art on the wall (I hope at least) and more music than tv…… This is my hope.

I hope to also be able to participate more in the Pagan community as well….. We will see what happens….

I know that these are just plans and the Gods may have other plans for me….. and if they do, I’ll go with it.

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