Planning for the Panathenaia ta mikra

The Panathenaia ta mikra is beginning tomorrow and as it happens, it falls this year at the same time as the Celtic based festival of Lammas. As I do not have a garment for Athena, I plan on making a different offering to Athena. I’m planning to make a pan of cookies in her honor. This will also hearken back to when cakes and honeycombs were offered in the procession honoring her…..

“On one or more of the days from the 23rd to the 30th of Hekatombaion (best date is the 28th, according to Adkins & Adkins, Handbook to Life in Ancient Greece, p 351), honor Athena in any way that you can, with offerings, prayers, reading of Hymns (Orphic Hymn 32 and Homeric Hymn 28) and in a communal meal.  If you can, plan night-time worship, beginning at sunset.  And if you have enough people, you can stage running races and other contests and perhaps even a procession, if not a race, of torches at night or before dawn.  Include the study of Athenian history, art and architecture.”

This is something that WILL be happening in my home….. (at least the reading of the hymns)

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