Always keep a promise……even if it is uncomfortable to do so

This past weekend I baptized my daughter in the Orthodox Christian Church. As someone who is most assuredly NOT a Christian anymore, this has caused me some degree of soul-searching. But ultimately it is something that I had to do — as I had promised my mother I would do it when I WAS still a Christian. A promise to someone who is no longer in this world is even MORE important than a promise to someone who is still alive as they can no longer absolve you of that promise.

I realize that as a Hellenic Polytheist, that the Greek Orthodox Church that I left still wants to deny that we even exist and especially in Hellas herself, actively tries to say that we are aberrant and abhorrent. I am saddened and angered by that. But, that being said, I cannot say that ALL Orthodox Christians are like that. There are some (although admittedly they are in the minority) who are not like the Church but more like Christ in their acceptance of differences.

It has NOT been a comfortable weekend for me, because I have had to keep silent about my faith in a realm of people who may be hostile to it. BUT it is because I promised my mother. And it is this promise that has kept me strong. And the memory of the Maxims which admonish us to “Respect your parents” and “Crown your ancestors” as well as the one that says “Do not wrong the dead” is what sustained me through this time. That and a charming little one who I long ago decided deserved to have the CHOICE of her faith as she gets older…..

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