#76 – Pray for happiness (Ευτυχιαν ευχου)

This Maxim tells us a lot by what it does not say. It does not tell us to pray for prosperity, health, good children or any of the other things that society tells us will bring us happiness. Rather, it tells us that we should pray specifically to be happy. This is a telling thing in that what society tells us will bring us happiness often does not and the things that society would tell us would not bring happiness often do. Also, not everyone will be made happy by the same things. What would make one person happy might be the same thing that would make another person profoundly unhappy.
Take the example of a couple of street musicians from New Orleans. They often struggle to meet their bills because they have three children and a live-in grandmother. However, if you were to ask them what makes them happy, it is the making of music and entertaining people. This family would not want to work in the corporate world – even if they could make ten times the money by doing so. This is in direct contrast to the popular image of people going off to work five days a week and earning their money behind a desk or counter and then coming home with smiling faces after another day’s work in the corporate world.
Would I tell the couple of my example that they are doing the wrong thing? Absolutely not, because they and their children are happy. And, THAT is what this Maxim advises us to pray for – to be happy.

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