I’m not happy about the Net Neutrality vote

I’m not going to tell anyone to go against their conscience, but in the case of the recent vote on net neutrality I wish that one more member of the FCC governing committee had listened to the actual people speaking loudly in favor of keeping corporations from charging more for different types of content.

At this point, this decision — which reverses a decision from the same body less than 3 years ago — could effectively silence people like myself because of my not espousing “mainstream” religious views. This decision can, and probably will, make it harder for polytheists to find resources online. I pray that other heads will prevail in the future and reverse this in some form or fashion.

I have sent a message to my local state Attorney General asking them to join in the lawsuit being made to block this on the grounds of many people’s identities being stolen to post comments supporting the end of the level playing field net neutrality. In the interest of maintaining Arête in the world of the internet, please consider joining me.

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