Thoughts about “Baby Witches hexing the Moon”

When I initially read about a group of witches on TikTok “hexing the Moon” and wanting to hex the Sun and the Fae, I was initially in a state of disbelief because “who would do something that silly/stupid?” and it was so silly that it boggles the mind that someone would do this — even to troll “elder witches”. Then I thought about it and along with others in the Pagan/Wiccan/witch community see it as an indication that WE need to do better in educating newcomers.

Part of the point of this blog is helping to educate others about Hellenic Polytheism — even if I admit that I’m NOT the only person who can fill that role. I pay special attention the Theoi that I’m most close to here but occasionally post things about Apollon and Artemis (as well as various Titanes).

It is OUR responsibility to pass things on to the “next generation” and it’s better if we make ourselves available to the “newbies” where they are and expand out of our own little bubbles. We need to help them navigate through the maze of useless information to the information that they REALLY need — starting with the insistence that they KNOW the information they need and the consequences they could face if the information was not used carefully.

Witches have a saying “To Know, to Dare, and to Keep Silent” and while it IS a good idea to keep certain information under an oathbound state if it pertains to a specific tradition, we as “elder pagans/witches” also have a responsibility to pass on the information to seekers, including what NOT to do. If we don’t do that, we get results like the young #WitchTok users. And THAT is something that we should all agree on — at least in my opinion.


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