Quiet on the blog, busy with the Gods

I know I haven’t been writing much here recently. It is partially because I have been working on deepening my relationship with the Theoi. I have been trying to nurture my indoor garden in honor of Demeter, working on helping my daughter navigate kindergarten in honor of Artemis, Apollon and Athena, working on maintaining a clean home in honor of Hestia as well as other things that I have been doing.

I know that any of the things I mentioned seem mundane, but even everyday tasks become sacred if we look for how they connect with the gods we worship. I don’t focus on the “Festivals” as much as the daily because of the reality that there are “Christmas and Easter” Christians who don’t live their faith in the day-to-day world. We don’t need to be like that as polytheists. We need to LIVE our faith daily. We need to DEDICATE our actions to the Gods. We need to DEMONSTRATE by daily acts of worship — which can be simple — to our children what our values truly are.

We are the ones who need to become examples to others because there is so much misinformation about people who are non-Christians in the United States. It is not enough to say that the misinformation exists if we are not examples of the truth….

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