Offering Time to the Gods

We are offering many things to the Gods in our practices. We offer many material things such as incense, oil, wine and grain. But what else can we offer?

We can offer our acts to the Gods — for example, I offer my blood/platelet donations to Apollo as Healer. And that is why I say that we should offer our TIME to the Gods, much in the way that the ancients offered their time serving in the temples as priests and temple helpers (including cleaners).

As we don’t have temples in the modern day, how can we do this? We can do volunteer work as our offering to, and in the name of, the Gods. We can help at a local food bank in the name of Demeter, Zeus Ktesios and Hestia. We can donate blood in the name of healer gods like Apollo and Asclepius. We can volunteer at homeless shelters or various hotlines. We can volunteer at events like Gay Pride Festivals in the name of Aphrodite.

These are just a few ideas. I’m sure we can come up with others. And if we worship in groups, this is absolutely something that we can also do as a group.


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