An ugly issue within a beautiful religion

Recently, I have been dealing with racism within Hellenismos. This is an issue that we face daily in the world outside of our common faith and hopefully overcome within ourselves and in the world around us. Racism should NOT be part of Hellenic Polytheism in any way, shape or form as to limit the Gods to only calling those of a particular ethnic background is hubristic thinking.

The rise in the number of people who subscribe to ethnic religions, unfortunately, inevitably will bring out the racists among us — those who feel that the Gods only speak to people with particular bloodlines. This is a fallacy as there is scientific proof that all of humanity is related to one another. If we are all related, then this is an indication that we are all connected to the SAME source and because we are all children of that source there would be no reason that the Gods only would speak to people from a particular area.

The sad thing is that there are people in our day and age who would dispute this and subscribe to the theory that one particular “race” or other are the “chosen” of the Gods and that all others are inferior or even the enemies of those Gods. To think this way is utter garbage as there is no one group of people who are in any way better than other groups.  It is INDIVIDUALS who can be excellent in one fashion or the other. Arete (excellence) is an INDIVIDUAL pursuit and one that we must all ascribe to in our own way.

Just as I will never be a champion athlete, there are others who will not be able to express themselves as readily as I do in writing. Does this make me any less in search of my arete? No, it does not. My arete is unique to me, as is the search that I must undergo to reach it. The racists would say that because of my ethnicity this excellence is guaranteed, where I say that is a falsehood. My excellence, or lack thereof, is a result of my efforts towards it — as is everyone else’s.

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