#77 – Be fond of fortune (Τυχην στεργε)

It is said that ‘Fortune favors the bold’, but I would also say that the bold are fond of Fortune. There are many times when a little boldness is what is needed in order to ensure good fortune in an endeavor as we may often miss opportunities when we are not bold in action. But, this boldness does not exist in a vacuum. It is when we are bold that fortune smiles on us and it is because of this that the bold can be said to have a fondness for fortune as well. It is demonstrated by their actions on a daily basis, which are not rash, but calculated to give maximum benefit.
We ourselves need to adopt this boldness in our lives if we are to live the lesson this Maxim is trying to teach us. We need to be able to actin a bold and timely manner so that we can enjoy Fortune’s favor and in turn be fond of Her. We need to look at things and know when bold action is needed to fix a problem. Then we need to act in a way that has the maximum benefit (including honor for there is truly no good fortune without honor) so that we may be fond of what fortune brings.

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