The GODDESS Hestia WELCOMES all those who come to her fires with humility — unless they bring hatred for others with them.

The virtue of Philoxenia (literally “love of the stranger”) is one that has been enshrined as a part of Hellenic culture since the Classical Era. It is one of the reasons why I as an individual felt compelled to sign onto the The Xenia Declaration and blog about it I had HOPED that Hellenion would have signed on to it by now, but sadly that organization hasn’t.

However, what has compelled me to write today is the sad fact that another devotee of the Theoi has been doxxed online because of her COURAGEOUS stance that an ethno-nationalist take on Hellenismos is wrong, among her other COURAGEOUS stances in FAVOR of Social Justice Issues including, but not limited to, those enshrined in the Xenia Declaration.

THIS IS WRONG ON ALL LEVELS! I have written on this Ethno-Nationalistic Bullshit before: Gatekeeping the Theoi is Hubristic.  Also, if you go as far back as the Devotional Month I wrote honoring Hestia, A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 7 is specifically describing Her epithets and why those are appropriate. And I had the following to say

“The Hearth is where guests, both of the city and of the individual home, were — and still are — greeted and given refreshments. When either the home or civic hearth was extinguished, they had to be re-established with “clean” fire. In the case of the home, the fire could be brought from the civic hearth, however the civic hearth had to be re-started either with friction or with a solar-started flame. The hearth is where supplicants came for sanctuary, and it was considered a crime against the Gods to turn them away.”

As someone of Greek ETHNIC heritage and Hellenic RELIGIOUS Calling as a Dedicant Priestess of  Hestia, Demeter and Hera as the Daughters of Kronos, I WELCOME my Sister in faith Kyrene, Priestess of Apollon. Those who have committed the Doxxing attack against her, I declare to have committed a crime against Xenia — because the Theoi have NOT turned HER away.

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