A Modern Hymn honoring the Titan Goddess Hekate (written 03 November 2019)

Modern Hymn to Hekate

Hail to you Hekate Trivia,

Guardian of the crossroads,

Keeper of the keys of the cosmos.

You watch over the dispossessed,

the homeless, the marginalized.

Your portion at the dark of the moon

falls as a gift to those in need.

Let your torches light our way

as we work to serve our fellow people

and in that service serve you as well

Grant us your guidance and your peace

both here and on the road to the land of Persephone’s throne

(Ann Hatzakis – 03 November 2019)


This hymn to Hekate was written for an annual event held in Denver CO, but not used. (The 11th Annual Dark Goddess Festival) It was made available to people there who had an interest, and all I asked there and all I ask here is that if people want to use it, they ultimately make sure that I get the credit for putting fingers to keyboard…

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