Me, myself, and the Theoi

Over the past few months, not only have I been attending school at the local community college, but I have come to understand that I am most likely someone who is an (professionally undiagnosed/self-diagnosed) autistic woman. Yes, there are people who do not accept self-diagnosis for autism, but having researched it in regards to my daughter, I found more and more evidence in the description of the symptoms that pointed to my having me having been missed as a child. This is neither the time nor the place for a full discussion of the details of what this has come to mean to me and in my walk with the Theoi.

The reason for this post is actually about the events of this past weekend, when I dedicated acts on both days of the weekend in honor of Αθηνη (Athene/Athena). On Saturday, instead of the Hellenion Libation honoring her, I donated blood. In the area where I live there is a shortage of my particular blood type in the supply and the blood bank called me to see if I’d be able to donate. 

On the second day of the weekend (Sunday), I had planned to do the Inaugural DC Comics Wonder Woman Run Series 5K in the city where I lived. I chose to dedicate the 5K as an agon in her honor. And it was truly a struggle at times (going up a hill using my walker) Yes, eventually I finished. And, yes, if there is one next year, I’ll probably be doing it again.

But what was notable for me was not the things that I did to honor the Theoi, but rather the subtle signs they gave me over the weekend. Normally, I’m borderline anemic (according to blood bank standards), but last Saturday instead of hovering around their minimum of 12.5 hemoglobin count like I do normally, I was at 13.5. The whole blood donation from stick to end took about 8 minutes (it went really fast — a perfect vein stick). Afterwards, as I was walking back to where I would be catching the bus, I decided to go to a local convenience store for something to drink from the soda fountain. I pointed out to a young man that the bus stop nearest the store didn’t have busses stop there on the weekends (a cost-cutting measure that the local bus company did without making much of an effort to REALLY contact the people it would impact — and THAT is also a story of another day).

He thanked me and walked off at a relatively fast clip, considering the heat. I went in and found that I had earned a free drink through their rewards program. Then, I found 3 new pennies on the end of the counter. (In voodoo/hoodoo lore, Hermes is sometimes “equated to” the lwa Legba — mostly by people who don’t know better — because they are both “openers of the way, and 3 new pennies are sometimes found to associate with that lwa.)  The bus trip home was uneventful (even on a bus route known for being “eventful”).

The following day, the race team I was part of — “Wonder Witches” — managed to get to the 5K start almost perfectly on time TO start and then were able to make our way around the course at a reasonable walking pace without getting overheated in the summer sun although we did comment that “Helios is HOT” with a bit of exaggerated fanning of ourselves.  (I get the impression that Helios really didn’t mind having that particular double entendre used about him). Our team ran across a lady who seemed to be overheated, who was sitting on some steps, and I was able to give her an extra bottle of water I had. When the medical team got to that location she was not there. We don’t know if she went on to finish, or went home. After the 5K was over, the finishers were given something to drink along with some fresh fruit and a bagel. My daughter and I stayed and went around the sponsor/vendor tents for a while and as we were turning to leave, we were given two packs of bagels.

Yes, a good hematocrit, three pennies, being on time when we thought we would be late, and getting 2 bags of bagels may not seem like the quiet voices of the Theoi. BUT, then, there were also the people that my eye were drawn to for me to help — who I chose to help both times — who other people apparently were not noticing as they were walking by. I cannot KNOW that they were the Theoi walking among us, but I also cannot KNOW that they weren’t.

And that, is why I say that the signs THEY gave me are the important thing, and yes I still need to contemplate their meaning…

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