A long time away, but a few comments now on a solemn day

As people know I honor all of the Olympian Theoi, including Ares. I know it might sound odd to people when they consider that my primary devotion is to Hestia, Demeter, and Hera. However, today in the United States is Memorial Day — a day which is traditionally celebrated on the last Monday in May.

People in the wider community are saying “Happy Memorial Day” and I find it jarring. Yes, it is the “Unofficial start of Summer” — another thing I find odd because I generally start summer at the beginning of May (if not earlier) because the Summer Solstice is “Mid-Summer”. Memorial Day was established to MEMORIALIZE the nation’s war dead and as such, is a SOLEMN day not a “happy” one.

But, I cannot continually tell people this. I do hold the day sacred to Ares and the ancestors — especially if they were in the military. But it is not happy, it is a day for reflection. And, I will do so when I make my offering to them.

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