Balancing between the Polytheist and Christian worlds for “The Holidays”

When you are the only one of your three sisters to be a polytheist — as well as the only one who’s a mother — it can get “interesting” around the Winter Holy-days. One of my sisters is visiting for her school’s Winter Break, and we are visiting the churches we went to as children. People who knew me then for the most part don’t know that I’m no longer Orthodox Christian (which was the faith of my childhood) and my sister is also my daughter’s Christian godmother.

This causes “complications” around this time of year because although I am not Christian, I can still mimic one fairly well if need be. I don’t participate in the Sacraments of the Greek Orthodox Church because of respect, but during this time of year I DO go to church with my sister and daughter.

However, although I respect the people who go to the church and that they maintain their faith, I cannot expect most of them to respect my faith. This poses a dilemma for me because of not being sure how to explain to my daughter that many people think our household faith is “evil” and that they would try to MAKE her be Christian instead of Polytheist to “save” her…. when she doesn’t NEED saving.


3 thoughts on “Balancing between the Polytheist and Christian worlds for “The Holidays”

  1. That sounds very challenging. I am sorry that you have to go through that. I am not a mother, so I could not even begin to imagine how difficult that must be. I am sure that it is often times difficult raising your child polytheist when there is an external fear of persecution from fundamental religious beliefs/practices.


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