Thoughts on the #MeToo Movement as a Hellenic Polytheist and a mother

I’ve been somewhat reluctant to post on what would potentially be a “controversial” issue in the wider world because of several reasons. First, I have very strong views on sexual harassment and assault because of personal experience. Second, I wanted to post in a measured way about the issue. Finally, I wanted to think about the Theoi and the mythology of the Greeks in relation to how our society is TODAY — keeping in mind that what was acceptable in Classical Greece is not acceptable now (or at least should not be)

I feel an especial closeness to the Daughters of Chronos. And each of them are examples of what a strong woman should be like in their own way. The only one that would be “problematic” to many modern women would actually be Hera; and this is because she is depicted as being hostile to the women and Goddesses that Zeus had children with. I look at her being a proponent of honesty in relationships and hostile to the abuse spouses often endure.

Demeter is a mother and an advocate for Persephone. She searches for her daughter and is not willing to give up any of her parental rights simply because the males in her family try to determine Persephone’s fate (even though Persephone does end up being a queen in her own right). She is an example of how when women stand up for ourselves, we can affect change.

Hestia is an example of how women should be able to determine FOR THEMSELVES if they wish to be in a relationship or not. When both Poseidon and Apollon desired to marry her, Hestia declared that she didn’t want to marry at all and was granted that autonomy. In fact, the priestesses of her Roman counterpart Vesta were considered to be autonomous of their paterfamilias and equal to the men of Roman society. This shows the especial importance of Hestia in society — even though women were considered to be subservient to the men of their families.

It is in light of these things that I can say that these Goddesses would support the #MeToo movement. I consider that they would sympathize with the women who are standing for themselves and others. I can pray that they continue to inspire strength in these women.

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