Strange Silence on the blog

For people who have been following me for a while, I understand that it is unusual for me to “drop off the map” when I’m in the middle of a sequence of blog posts that go together.

I apologize for this latest one with a bit of an explanation. For some reason, still unknown to me, I was unable to continue with the Month of Devotional Thought dedicated to Zeus after the tenth day. I will pick this back up in 2018; but before that, I will be doing blog posts on other topics.

I will be starting with how the after-effects of a concussion can impact the devotional life, especially if you tend to lean more towards a mystic’s view of Hellenic Polytheism. Please bear with me, I’m going through those self-same after-effects.

I will also be doing a piece honoring my mother’s spirit sometime within the next two weeks. The tenth anniversary of her passing to the realm of Haides was also the day after I got the concussion so I was not enough in my right mind to honor her properly on that day.

Finally, I’m going to be a combination of college and volunteering so as to become a teacher. This will take a lot of my time, so I’m going to be blogging less frequently, but hopefully, more focused on the issues the Theoi guide me to.

Thanks for reading me, and I hope you continue to do so

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