A Month of Devotional Thought — Zeus, Day 9

One of the things that I consider to be one of the biggest misconceptions about Zeus is that he is a philanderer and even a rapist. If you look at the culture in the Mycenaean and Pre-Classical Greece. you see that there are documented instances of males having multiple wives. This is in approximately the same era that the Torah has the patriarchs, Abraham and Jacob having both wives and concubines; with later King Solomon being described as also having many wives.

In this type of polygamous culture, there is generally a “First Wife” who is the most important. In the case of Zeus, that would be Hera, with Leto, Maia, and Mnemosyne being “Sister Wives” and his mortal paramours being in the role of concubine.

As a King, Zeus would be entitled to this “harem” of Wives and concubines in the culture of the time as it would be indicative of his power. It is my opinion that when viewing this through a more modern lens that the negative view of his sexual adventures is found.

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