A Month of Devotional Thought — Zeus, Entry 6

A few words of apology MUST accompany this entry and the next. I have begun classes at my local Community College this week and had not quite anticipated the amount of homework I would be doing. I will be trying to make sure that I do these entries BEFORE starting my classwork each day in the future.

The topic for this post is actually about the other deities and spirits that have a specific tie to Zeus. Some of the ones that immediately spring to mind are the second-generation Titan Gods and Goddesses that sided with the Olympians instead of their parents in the war that Zeus had with his father Chronos.

Hecate is one of those. She is the guardian of the crossroads and because of her decision was granted welcome in ALL realms of the cosmos, from Olympus to the Underworld. She is one of the deities that is considered to be a psychopomp for this reason. Another prominent one of them is Prometheus. His gift of foresight, for which he is named, allowed him to see that in the cycles of the Cosmos, it was time for the new to overtake the old and assume the mantle of leadership. Even when he was later chained to the rock by Zeus in punishment, he already knew that he would be released by Heracles because Zeus would allow the Titan who knew the name of Zeus’ successor to be freed. The Titans Helios, Selene, and Eos also stood alongside the Olympians and were allowed to keep their places.

There are also some Titan Goddesses that Zeus fathered children with. One of these, Metis, was his first wife. While she was pregnant with their first child he heard a prophecy that her SECOND child would dethrone him. To forestall this, he swallowed her in the form of a fly (echoing in some ways what his own father had done to his children) and in due time Athena was “born” out of his forehead as the product of that union. Leto, Maia, and in some stories, Dione, were all Titan Goddesses that he had children by, much to the dismay of his second wife Hera

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