A Month of Devotional Thought — Zeus, Day 3

What are some symbols and attributes of Zeus? Most people know his thunderbolt, but fewer people know of his symbols of his throne, his aegis, the miniature Nike (Goddess of Victory), and the standard way of his depiction as the King of the Olympian Theoi.

Most of the time he is depicted in a chiton and himation (robe and cloak), and crowned with a wreath of olive leaves. On other occasions, like many of the other male Theoi, he is depicted nude.

I would also consider the eagle, the cuckoo, the swan, and the bull as symbols that he would potentially be associated with as they were forms that he took to woo some of his loves. The cuckoo, in point of fact, was the form he took to woo his second wife, Hera, after he swallowed Metis, his first wife and mother of Athena, who was in the form of a fly at the time.

As the King of the Olympian Theoi, there is a sense of him being a “sky god” but that is something that minimizes who he is. On future days, I will be discussing why.

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