A Month of Devotional Thought — Zeus, Day 1

Today’s topic is a general introduction of the deity in each “Month of Devotional Thought” that I do. And so, we are finally beginning the month dedicated to the last (and most certainly not least) of the six children of Khronos and Rhea — the King of they Olympian Theoi, Zeus.

Zeus is probably one of the most well known of the Hellenic Theoi by virtue of being the King of the Gods, but this still does not mean that he is “all-powerful” in the same way that the Christians view the God of Abraham. He reigns as King on Olympus until such time that the Morai would decree that he be succeeded by another, just as he took the mantle of rulership from his father.

This fact within the stories of the Theoi is part of what makes all of them the interesting individuals they are. Because the Hellenic Theoi are within the Kosmos instead of outside of it, their very immanence makes them more easily relatable.

And it is this relatability that I hope I can use to help people gain greater understanding of Zeus, who is sadly seen as more of a caricature than a deity in the modern era.

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