I Have No Desire to be a “Helicopter Elder” – More Thoughts on Being an Elder in a Changing Pagan and Polytheist Community

Although I too personally resist being called an Elder, if I want to see our faith communities grow, I have to accept that I will be. I also need to accept that I am to some degree fumbling in the dark because we don’t have a continuous tradition, but are striving to found them.

Life With Trickster Gods

Well, we have now come to the last of the topics I have culled from all my notes made at Many Gods West 2017. This last one, I have written about to various degrees already. But I thought it might be interesting to explore this from the perspective of Polytheism added to the Pagan slant that it builds on.

As the Elders of the Pagan community move on, our generation becomes the next Elders. What happens next? How do we nurture the younger generations to help facilitate the necessary change and growth within our varied Pagan communities??

I believe that the entire paragraph is worth looking at by each successive generation of Pagans and Polytheists as time progresses on. For me, this paragraph continues to underline that realization I had last year — being in the Pagan community to one degree or another since 1986, I have become an “Elder”…

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One thought on “I Have No Desire to be a “Helicopter Elder” – More Thoughts on Being an Elder in a Changing Pagan and Polytheist Community

  1. Thanks for reblogging. 🙂 I hope that this continues to spark the conversation that really needs to be had — even if its just internally — on how we, as the “new” Elders, can continue to “grow” and “nurture” the seeds contained within the “newer” Pagans, so that Paganism continues to grow and evolved into the future. I have no doubt that whatever Paganism becomes, it will have a small resemblance to what I practice – but it will also be far different as well, as newer ideas and fresher perspectives and changing times help to evolve everything….


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