The anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and the need to not demonize those who are innocent of them

I will freely say that I do not like two out of the three major Abrahamic religions, to whit Christianity and Islam. However, on the anniversary of the World Trade Center and Pentagon terror attacks, I try to differentiate between the religious extremists who committed those acts and the literal BILLIONS of people who try to follow the positive aspects of Christianity and Islam in their daily lives.

Today, instead of focusing on the 9/11 attackers, I would like to remind people of the Muslims in Houston who opened their places of worship as shelters. While remembering the crimes committed by Da’esh, I need to remember that one of those crimes was murdering fellow Muslims that helped Christians escape. I will focus on both Christians and Muslims protecting one another as they prayed in Egypt.

To demonize all Muslims for the actions of a few is like demonizing ALL followers of the Hellenic Gods for the racism of a few. In a nutshell, if we would not want an action directed at us, we should not do it to others.

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