Mixed feelings about Poseidon Sotor and the need for Kharis

Last month when I was writing daily posts about the god Poseidon, for the most part reactions were positive. The exception to this was from some people in the area affected by Hurricane Harvey. As a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, I can understand this completely. Poseidon is not always the kindest of the Theoi. (That role would most likely belong to his sister, Hestia). He is however, still worthy of reverence inasmuch as he is an upholder of the natural order of the Cosmos.

Many times humans are not willing to be aware of our part in the world and how we as a whole affect it. One example of this is how our actions have impacted overall climate change; helping create the conditions to foster more, and sometimes larger, hurricanes.

We, as a whole, have created many of the problems we now face. And now, we as individuals need to work towards a common goal of helping people on an individual level to take care of those who are harmed by what society as a whole has created. We have to embody the virtue of Kharis towards people, animals, plants, and the land itself.

As Hellenic Polytheists, we should know that we are PART of the order of the Cosmos and as such we are tasked with acting with piety and reverence towards the Theoi — even, and perhaps especially, when their duty to the Cosmos itself runs counter to what we ourselves would desire. The Theoi see more than we do, and their responsibility is therefore greater; this does not negate OUR responsibility. It sets an example to us that we must follow the dictates of Themis and Dike — just as the Theoi do.

As mortals, piety and Kharis (towards the Theoi and each other) is our responsibility. I know how I plan to help. I plan to give blood and raise funds to help feed people. On a physical level, I cannot do much more. Every bit helps though, and others can do other things.

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