A Month of Devotional Thought — Poseidon, Day 27

Today’s topic is about how my relationship with Poseidon has changed over time. When I was young, I cannot really say that I had much of a relationship with him at all due to my being raised mainly inland. It was not really until I was in my late thirties and moved to the New Orleans area where the importance of the sea was always part of the background.

This was emphasized both before and after Hurricane Katrina. Even after I moved back to Louisiana about three years later, I was still within easy access to the sea. When my daughter was about a year old, we moved inland to about the middle of the North American continent.

By this point, I was aware of Poseidon’s link to horses and his influence as earth-shaker even inland. I have also felt his presence at hot springs in the mountains. This has allowed me to maintain that connection to the sea, while over 1000 miles away from it. And it has allowed me to grow a deeper connection to Poseidon while on land.

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