A Month of Devotional Thought — Poseidon, Day 3

Today’s post is devoted to the symbols and icons of Poseidon. Most people only think of one of them, which can be also typified as his scepter or staff of rank.

Foremost among his symbols is his trident. This three-pronged spear has often been used for fishing both in ancient and modern times. Because of this, it is easy to see how this symbol came to be connected to Poseidon himself. However, this is not the only symbol that has been connected to him.

When the Isthmian Games were still going on in ancient Greece, as part of a cycle of games that included the better-known Olympic Games, its victors were crowned with a wreath of wild celery leaves. In ancient depictions, Poseidon was either depicted with a crown of celery leaves or with a plain headband.

Although the horse was not considered one of Poseidon’s symbols in ancient times, I would also consider the horse — with its neck mirroring the curl of the surf — as one of his symbols as well. As Poseidon is the creator of the horse, it seems like a natural connection to me. It is also a symbol that people who live in landlocked areas can use to connect with Poseidon.

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