Coping with Chaos in Government

In the United States, we are currently experiencing a chaotic situation in our national government, and it is easy for people on both sides of the political aisle to lay blame and point fingers, while not taking legally allowed action to change the problems they see. As a personal matter, I tend to be on what has been described as the left of the political spectrum. However, with a child in grade school, sometimes it is difficult to be as active as I would like to.

However, there is no reason during times like this that we cannot look to the Theoi to sustain us nor is there reason that we should not pray that the Theoi work to mitigate the damage that this chaos can cause — both to their worshippers and those who do not worship them. We can reasonably petition Zeus as King of the Gods, Hera as Queen, Hestia in her role with the Governing bodies (House and Senate), and Athena as the one who helped the Athenians establish their Democracy — even if it was imperfect because human beings are not perfect,

No matter what we think about the POLICIES of our current administration, the chaos within it does not only affect our country internally, but our relationship with other countries. This is also something we need to consider in how we respond — especially how we respond in our communications with other people, here and in other countries around the world.

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