A Month of Devotional Thought — Demeter, Day 31

On the last day of this month, the topic is what advice would I give to someone just learning about Demeter. My advice, like with any of the other Theoi, is twofold.

First, learn what you can from the things that people in both Ancient and Modern times have written about her. This includes what you can find out about the festivals associated with her, as well as the myths themselves and what modern scholars and devotees have written.

Second, learn what you can about her by doing activities that can be linked to her. Garden, support your local farmer’s market, donate your TIME to a local food bank, and remember even just having a potted plant on your desk at work can help you make a connection to Demeter.

Don’t beat yourself up if it seems to take a while to learn about Demeter; not everyone has a strong connection to all of the Theoi

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