A Month of Devotional Thought — Demeter, Day 17

Today’s topic in this month is how Demeter relates to other Gods and other Pantheons. I partially discussed this in yesterday’s post about how Demeter displays the values of the native culture of her pantheon.

As a rule, Demeter has good relations with almost all of the other Gods in the Hellenic pantheon. Also, on an individual level she has good relations with most of the Gods of other pantheons who are agricultural deities. Ceres of the Romans is one that Demeter could be considered to be especially close to as the two of them are often confused for each other or even syncretized by some worshippers into a single deity.

As such, I would find it difficult to understand if Demeter did not have good relationships IN GENERAL with other pantheons of deities around the world as the only territorial aspect of agriculture is in making sure your people have the land to work — not in the fact that they are working the land.

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