A Month of Devotional Thought — Demeter, Day 16

Today’s topic is how Demeter relates to the pantheon she’s a part of and how she reflects the values of her native culture. Although these are part of the same topic, I’m going to look at them separately.

First, Demeter is one of the more influential members of the overall pantheon. She is one of the six children of the Titan rulers Chronos and Rhea, and thus is considered one of the Elder Olympians. Unless one of the members of the pantheon is a descendent of the Elder Olympians, they are still Titan deities. This doesn’t mean that the Titan gods are considered to be “lesser” which is proven simply by that fact as many of them — such as Rhea herself — had cultus well into the era of the Roman empire. Demeter has good relations with most of the pantheon. Sometimes, her relationship with her brother Haides is a bit strained due to Persephone, but other than that she has no issues with any of the members of the Hellenic pantheon.

Secondly, Demeter is a goddess that was honored in from the Pre-Classical period until the forced Christianization of Greece. The society of the time depended heavily on the agricultural for both keeping the population fed and for trade goods. This is one of the reasons for Demeter’s close ties to the society that honored her.


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