A Month of Devotional Thought — Demeter, Day 13

Today’s topic is one that I think will be interesting for those who are following along. It is about what social issues of today — if any — that Demeter would be interested in. It is my personal feeling that she would be interested in issues concerning the problems we are having with agriculture and with the destruction of croplands. In addition, Demeter would be interested in how the bees (who are sacred to Her) are undergoing massive rates of colony collapse and in the efforts to prevent this. I personally think that efforts to promote small-scale sustainable farming are some of the things that she is helping inspire.

She would also be interested in various efforts to help the environment and keep water necessary to irrigating crops from becoming polluted with petrochemicals, pesticides and other forms of industrial waste. Her efforts would extend to the fight that some activists are engaging in to keep large companies from siphoning off valuable resources from the environment in the name of corporate profits. It is also my estimation that she would be against large scale logging especially when used to create room for single-crop plantations which then do nothing to feed the local population.

While many people only remember her in her kinder aspect, they tend to forget — with the notable exception of her grief for Persephone — that Demeter is also a Goddess who is called Chrysaorus, an epithet which refers to her golden sword. She uses this sword in the fight against the Giants after the defeat of the Titans. She also demonstrates her wrath against mortals who destroy her holy groves. Even though trees are not usually thought of as being part of Demeter’s purview, as the provide food for both animals and humans she also protects them.


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