May Nemesis Visit them on Swift Wings!

Although on a personal level I have many disagreements with Christian dogma and teachings due to my being raised Orthodox Christian and seeing for myself how the talk of valuing women is often different from the reality of the way we are treated (as in the Orthodox Christian church’s stubborn refusal to have women clergy), I am absolutely appalled by the bombing of two centuries-old churches in Egypt on one of the holiest days of the Christian liturgical calendar.

No matter WHAT faith a person practices, it is NEVER okay to act violently towards them IN THEIR PLACE OF WORSHIP. This is more than simply an act of murder, but a desecration of sacred space. Add that to the fact that this was a major religious festival for the victims and you compound the crime against the God (or Gods if you believe that the Christian Trinity is actually three deities instead of one) being worshiped.

What makes this even worse, in my eyes, is the cowardly way that it was done. There is nothing brave or noble in using explosives to commit these acts. Add that to the fact that the teachings of Islam state that “People of the Book” (aka Christians and Jews) are to be respected due to their shared worship of the God of Abraham and you find that the perpetrators of these acts are also in violation of their own faith in the name of one of the political agendas endemic to the area.

These were their countrymen who they killed in the name of religion. It is no different than when Christians killed the pagans of Europe or when the converts to Christianity in the New World helped kill their fellow native peoples. It amounts to the murder of worshipers and the desecration of a temple. This is the sort of thing that Nemesis will still punish. May She punish them swiftly!

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