Uni (Hera) Blessing/Anointing Oil review — 5 Stars!

Lykeia’s Botanica in Alaska produces several blessing/anointing oils. Recently I was blessed with a free sample of her Uni (Hera) Blessing/Anointing Oil to review. On her Esty site it’s described as having a “Sweet cool scent with a slight warmth reminiscent of spring rain. Perfect for the Queen of heavens and mother of rains.”

Comprised of neroli, jasmine, clove, cedar, and ginger, both the sweet and warm scents are coupled with a light earthiness that only something like cedar can add. This oil did not have a strong odor in the vial, but when rubbed on my skin it was vivid and bright. Although I would love to use it everyday for Hera, I’m likely to keep it for special occasions so that Her sisters Demeter and Hestia don’t feel left out!

It is well balanced, and suitable for either wearing on your body to honor Hera or for using for a shrine offering. I cannot recommend this oil too highly, but I will say that because of the floral notes, if you have allergies to either neroli or jasmine I would find a different oil as the purity of this oil is very high.

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