A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 31

On this, the last day of the month, the topic is what advice I would give someone who was just beginning to learn about Hera. I would advise looking at all of the mythos surrounding Hera, not just the portion that people use to “support” the two-dimensional view of her that is most common. Also, I would like to remind people that Hera is not just one “facet” of a single “Goddess” because then that “Goddess” would be at war with herself because some of the other “facets” would be ones that could be viewed as encouraging marital infidelity, while Hera actively DIScourages it.

Also, I would advise people to look at devotional writings that are already available, as these tend to shed light on how people in the modern era perceive Hera.


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