A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 30

Today’s topic is any interesting UPG that I may have on Hera. First however, I would like to go over what the term UPG means it means Unverified (or Unusual) Personal Gnosis. While gnosis does mean understanding or knowledge, the PERSONAL part is often just as important as the gnosis being unverified or unusual. Sometimes a UPG comes to several people at roughly the same time at which it becomes more accepted in general once those people discover their shared experiences.

For me, I believe that the UPG I am going to share today is not a shared one — and it is definitely unusual. When I brought my daughter to the zoo recently, we sat for a while to watch an educational presentation about Asian Elephants and I suddenly had a very strong impression that they were a sacred animal for Hera.

I spoke with a friend about it later that day to try to find out if there were any ancient sources they knew about that would verify this impression. My friend didn’t know about any. However, in the discussion, there were points that still felt supported the impression I had gotten. Both Asian and African Elephant herds — with the exception of bachelor herds — are matriarchal led by a dominant female who is often the mother of several other females in the herd. Hera is the mother of several Goddesses and as queen of the Hellenic Theoi. Also, a female elephant is called a “cow” and cows are sacred to Hera. While these are circumstantial supports, they are at least supportive.

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